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How long does it take to turn around a job? 

The average production time for a product is around 20 days. 

Once the invoice has been paid and all blanks are on-hand, production begins. 

Your project's turnaround time can be extended if you require additional services or add-ons. 


What's the minimum you will accept? 

Minimum order quantity for screen prints starts at 36 per design. 

When your artwork contains 8 or more colors, the MOQ goes up to 50. 

Minimum order quantities for Jumbo prints start at 60 units. 


Do you custom match pantones? 

For color matching, we use a pantone solid-coated guidebook. 


You offer samples? 

We do offer samples. If you want to see a sample of a design with complexities in the artwork or are very particular abou4t color, we recommend ordering swatches. 


What inks do you use and why? 

Water-based printing is used by Voltron Due to the thinner ink and the use of a solvent-based base in the water-based printing ink, it can produce vibrant and detailed colors. 


But we also source inks for special-purpose printing from a variety of suppliers. To ensure that we produce the best possible prints, we only use products of the highest quality. 


Special effects 


Special effects in Voltron printing refer the use of different inks and print methods to achieve a unique look. Many different types of screen printing are available for special effects. Your designs will glow when printed with glow-in-the dark screen printing. Also take a look at our other special effect options such as Shimmer, Crystalina (Glow in the Dark), Foil, Metallic and more. We can also provide DTF and Rhinestones. 

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