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Voltron Printing is a full service contract screen printing shop specializing in building clothing brands and simulated process screen printing.

More than just physical items, planes and cranes are representations of development, life, and limitless potential. Thus, let us honor the cities that welcome these indicators and prosper from advancement. Voltron Printing is greatly honored to be working on this initiative with @c.allenwesley to help promote growth and development in the city of Birmingham.Now you can buy the new Planes and Cranes collection.
At Voltron Printing we strive to provide the highest quality product at a competitive price, Voltron Printing will be a major player in the industry for years to come.



Voltron Printing process of screen printing involves using mesh screens for the individual color print on a fabric.


Our setup allows us to print an array of colors. We can simulate the process to create halftones that appear in a wider range. For print accuracy, we use the Pantone Color Match System to make sure prints match your artwork.

For all of your large print requirements, our jumbo screens can print as wide as 16" by 20" high.

Voltron Printing isn't your typical print shop. Voltron Printing uses top-of-the line materials and equipment to produce the highest quality prints for our customers. You will receive quality prints that are a reflection of our company.



On most types of garments, Voltron Printing offer flat stitch embroidery and 3D Puff embroideries, as well as applique twill.


Digitizing is the first step, in which your artwork becomes stitching instructions that our embroidery machines can process. It is important to follow this step for a high-quality and neat embroidery result. Our specialists ensure the designs are translated correctly with rigorous testing prior to running full production orders.


VOLTRON PRINTING offer a variety of finishing services to take your product to the next step. Customization can make a huge difference in the overall quality and branding of your products.








Art has proven time and time again that it can transform the world. Voltron Gallery will collaborate with local and world renowned artists to bridge art and fashion while ensuring that artist’s original vision remains intact throughout the process.

Art has proven time and time again that it can transform the world. @voltronprinting has collaborated with @okuntakinte to translate his social media Dear Artists inspirational post-it note messages into the Dear Artist Capsule Collection. This serves as a partnership to bring his works to life through wearable pieces. The concept behind this collection is to bridge art and fashion while ensuring that the artist’s original vision remains intact throughout the process. This project aligns with our shared commitment to supporting youth community art organizations. As part of this collaboration, a percentage of the sales from the Dear Artists Capsule Collection will be donated to such organizations, allowing us to give back to the community and nurture the talent of young artists.

Joseph Awuah-Darko is our first collaborator and his motivational quotes for artists have inspired everyday people and celebrities alike. Awuah-Darko, also known as Okuntakinte, is a multidisciplinary artist whose career has spanned music, visual art, and philanthropy endeavors. He is a full-spectrum artist whose work has inspired generations all over the globe.

This is the first of many collaborations with artists in every continent. We are excited about the potential of this cooperative and the positive impact it could have on the art and fashion communities, young, emerging talent, and the world.

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